by Tatanka

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released February 16, 2013

Engineered and Produced by Brody Mudryk at Standstill Productions
Mastered by "The Stuntman" at Suite Sound Labs



all rights reserved


Tatanka Vancouver, British Columbia

Solidifying their line-up in January of 2012,
the members of Tatanka are taking from the classical and the modern to create something timeless, with musicianship and genuine expression always the focus.

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Track Name: Wallace
What keeps me alive?
The fear, the hope or my pride?

Common lies
Help define
What’s true?

In good time
It’ll all be over
Until then I’ll enjoy the ride

Common lies

From my obsessions
Release the burden
Embrace the silence

The ego tries
Killing the host, while in disguise
I’m trapped with this
Monkey mind that is running wild
Hanging on to the fear to fall
And the fear to rise

Common lies
Become overwhelming
Simple signs
Point to a common poison
Of trying beyond all known reason
To define this
Holy moment I've been given
But I’m always haunted
By the cries
For more than I need
And why
Why define this at all?
Track Name: Omnipotent Failure
My faceless god
I await salvation
I’ve rose above
my sins of nature

I’ve praised your name
I’ve climbed the mountain
I've preached your grace
But never felt it

I made you real!
In my own image!

Pray for rain
Pray for the sky to fall

With lost translations
Comes empty sin
To find salvation
Look within

Freedom comes from no God
We’re born from the random and formed by the earth and the stars
Track Name: Serpico
A new day's sun
Moves across the sky
And settles into the dark

I grow tired
Of chasing daylight
That cannot be caught

Breathing but not much more
I'm healing, is that a good enough
Reason not to go screaming
Over the things I can't control

A hungry mind and hopeful heart
Are all I have to honor
A constant race against the clock
To get it all out
And share what grace I’ve got

Here we are
Here is now
And all else is false
Track Name: Mamihlapinatapai
Humbled by her eyes
My heart has betrayed my mind
A hunger that I can't describe
Oh, what a strange and cruel delight
Oh my heart's betrayed my mind

I’d pay any price
For a moment when I could call her mine

For a moment, my heart betrayed my mind

Your body and soul
I am denied
But I know
I saw something once in your eyes
Will I never know your lust?
Will I never know your touch?

Set myself up
Every single time
But there's no hope for me
I’ve waited too long
For her love
For something that will never come
I know, my heart's betrayed my mind

How do I forget my
Love, rage and pain